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Die liver, die.

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Sep. 6th, 2010 | 07:37 am

Bit of a mental weekend.

Friday night was a very early birthday celebration with a few friends in Reading & the boy made me dinner and arranged everything. Was very ace. I got a stupidly expensive haircut...we'll call it an early birthday present. it looks fab, but I'm fairly sure I'll never be able to style it the way the hairdresser did ever again!

Saturday headed to Reading Pride. It was fun...there were more drag acts than I've ever seen on one stage, not all of them especially quality BUT sitting around in the sun drinking cider is nothing to complain about. A good friend came up and hung out. As a self professed 'serial fag hag' she had a whale of a time.

More beer in the evening...liver is now no longer on speaking terms with me.

Back to school today. Bleh.

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